Susan Markowitz, My Stolen Son (Berkley/Penguin)

“Jenna has given me a new-found hope on life. The story I needed to share with the world needed a lot of work! I knew she was perfect from the first telephone conversation. After many talks and e-mails, we finally met in person. I appreciated her professionalism to stay on task throughout my stay, which could not have been so easy with me. My story is my lifeline; without it I would be lost. I will never be able to thank her enough for helping me to help others. I never realized what it took to become the successful author that she is. What touches my heart the most is to witness the wonderful mom she is to her little girl. I am proud and honored to call Jenna my friend.”


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You can also join the Honoring Nick Markowitz group to offer your support to Susan Markowitz (my friend and writing client), whose son's murder was the basis of the movie Alpha Dog.

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