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Is Jenna a good interviewee?

Yep. She’s been a radio guest all over the place, as well as appearing on TV, in print, and of course, all over the ‘net. She used to be a professional actress, and she is a solid speaker. She promises never to be boring. She’s enthusiastic, informative, and occasionally funny. She thinks. And she’s not one of those annoying guests who says, “As it says in my book” all the time, either.

Can you provide me with photos, a bio, book cover images, etc.?

You bet. You can swipe anything you find on this site, or just ask and she’ll be more than happy to supply you with whatever you need.

Author Events & Media Appearances


E! True Hollywood Story: Celine Dion (first aired in Dec., 2008)

Star! Network (Canada) special on Celine Dion (2008)

Lifetime TV’s “Love Letters of a Lifetime” series 

Featured publishing expert on NBC’s “Ask Asa” segment to steer people away from publishing scams

Interviews Online

Past Radio Shows

  • WCBQ-WHNC AM in North Carolina and Virginia. On the web: Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones. (Discussing Celine Dion: For Keeps.) You can listen to this interview here.
  • KCLU 88.3 in Ventura County & 102.3 in Santa Barbara County, CA. On the web: Fran Halpern. (Discussing Stories of Strength.)
  • CBC Radio in Montreal. “Home Run.” (Discussing Celine Dion: For Keeps.)
  • WAMD in Aberdeen, MD. “The Breakfast Club” with Rick and Steve. (Discussing Celine Dion: For Keeps.)
  • WBAZ on Long Island, NY. “BAZ in the Morning” with Jennifer Fantozzi. (Discussing Celine Dion: For Keeps.)
  • Soft Rock 98.9 in Fresno, CA. “Brady & Rose.” (Discussing Celine Dion: For Keeps.)
  • WWKB Radio (Buffalo, Rochester, Toronto): Gary Deeb.
  • AM 990 in Memphis and AM 1340 in Atlanta, GA: Ed Horrell.
  • KHAC-AM 880 in Window Rock, AZ: Pat Bullock.
  • KPQ-AM 560 in Wenatchee, WA: Ken Johannessen  
  • WTWD-AM 910 in Tampa, FL: Keith Alan
  • WIBQ-AM 1220 in Sarasota, FL: Doug Miles
  • WSYR-AM 570 in Syracuse: Dr. Steve.
  • KCBR-AM 1040 in Colorado Springs, CO: Tron.
  • WCNZ-AM 1660 in Naples, FL: Gary Todd & Phil.
  • WRPN-AM 1600 in Appleton, WI: Justin Cleveland.
  • WSBA-AM 910 in York, PA: Dennis Edwards.
  • WMC-AM 790 in Memphis, TN: Mike Stein.
  • WXCE-AM 1260 in Amery, WI: Greg Marsten.
  • WRUS-AM 610 in Russellville, KY: Don Neagle.
  • WOCA-AM 1420 in Gainesville, FL: Larry Whitler.
  • WSVA-AM 550 in Harrisonburg, VA: Mike Schikman.
  • KGYN-AM 1210 in Amarillo, TX: Richard Ryther.
  • WWJC-AM 850 in Duluth, MN: Ted Elm. 
  • WNJC-AM 1360 in Philadelphia, PA: Brian Greenberg.
  • WYLL-AM 1160 in Chicago, IL: “Money & More” with Earl Merkel. 
  • KFNX-AM 1100 in Phoenix, AZ: “Money & More” with Earl Merkel.
  • WTRC-AM 1340 in Elkhart, IN: Allen Strike & Tracy Long.
  • WTBN-AM 570 in Tampa, FL: Keith Alan.
  • WHIE-AM 1320 in Griffin/Atlanta, GA: “Shop Talk” with Jim Blackman.

Where else has Jenna appeared?

—> Jenna has been featured in: Parade Magazine, Woman’s World, Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Market, Newsday, and many other publications.

—> The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY (taught Outwitting Writer’s Block Workshop)

—> Multiple book signings at chain and independent bookstores

—> Jenna was a guest chat host at to discuss how to start a career as a freelance writer. 


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