Here are some of the nice things Jenna’s publishers, agents, and ghostwriting and editing clients have said about her. If you’re interested in hiring Jenna, use the “contact” link to get in touch.

Meghan Cleary, editor, becker&mayer!

“Since her stellar work on The Marilyn Monroe Treasures, Jenna is the type of writer I am always trying to find projects for. She is an editor’s joy: she consistently produces fresh, clean, and compelling prose, meets every deadline, and pours herself wholeheartedly into the success of the project. I would recommend Jenna instantly to anyone looking for a strong and flexible writer for any subject.”

Zareen Jaffery, editor, Simon & Schuster

“I worked with Jenna on The Pregnancy Project, a memoir she wrote with Gaby Rodriguez. Jenna is incredibly professional and managed to write—and revise!—a fabulous manuscript under a very tight schedule. The quality of her work is superb and she is nice on top of it! Working with Jenna has been a joy all around, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a professional non-fiction writer.”

Sandra Vander Zicht, Associate Publisher and Executive Editor, Zondervan

“This story was as perfectly told as I’ve ever seen in a first submitted manuscript. Jenna did an amazing job of helping us to feel as though we were ‘right there,’ living the story moment by moment.”

Lauri Berkenkamp, editor, Nomad Press

“Jenna Glatzer’s strengths lie not only in her remarkably accessible and personable writing style, but also in her ability to take the initiative in promoting and marketing her work. We at Nomad have voted her our favorite author. She’s a strong and vibrant writer, and never misses a deadline. She accepts constructive criticism with an open mind, revises with ease, and is incredibly easy to work with. She’s about as enthusiastic a person as you may ever meet, and we hope to work with her for many projects to come.”

Dave Lindstedt, Senior Editor, Tyndale House Publishers

“Thank you for your excellent work on Unthinkable by Scott Rigsby. The manuscript you created made our job here simple and straightforward. Yes, I would expect that from a professional writer, but no, I do not take it for granted. I greatly appreciate it.”

Jamie Blyth, Fear is No Longer My Reality (McGraw-Hill)

“I knew Jenna Glatzer was going to be a good writer, but I just didn’t know HOW good. She was and is absolutely amazing to work with. She brings obvious skill to the table, but she also does things the right way. She is always timely and professional.  I thought this project was going to be laborious and seemingly impossible, but she made it happen. Her skill, insight, relentless work ethic, and positive attitude guided the project along smoothly. After my initial conversations with Jenna, I knew a great book would be produced, but what I didn’t know was that I would gain an even better friend.”

Melanie Rigney, former editor, Writer’s Digest

“Jenna is an excellent writer and is very knowledgeable about the publishing industry. She’s also a dream to work with!”

Céline Dion, Céline Dion: For Keeps (Andrews McMeel)

“Never in my life have I wanted a journalist, a writer, to talk to me again. It’s hard for me to open up and trust. This is the first time I called to say, ‘I want to see her. Ask her if she wants to see me again.’ There’s something about you.”

Rene Angelil, Céline Dion’s husband and manager

“I couldn’t stop reading the manuscript. It’s so well written, so good. It was really emotional for me at some times to read what you had written. You captured Céline so well and I’m really proud of you for doing that. I just wanted to thank you.”

Kyra Phillips, CNN anchor and correspondent

“It’s the tone of her voice, the pause as she listens, and her reflection of your conversation before she writes that draws you to her. It’s her genuine heart, grace, and wicked smarts that inspire you to tell her your story.”

Jeremy Groll, MD and Lorie Groll

“Our nocturnal word wizard, Jenna Glatzer, brought depth, experience, and laughter to this project. No one could dream of a better contributing writer.”

Joel Haber, Ph.D., Bullyproof Your Child for Life (Avery/Penguin)

“My choice in a co-writer could not have been more on the mark. Jenna Glatzer is a fabulous person and writer. She was able to take volumes of material, discussions, and information and synthesize it into words that made this process feel easy when compared to my first book. Her experiences and passion about this topic, her talent and style made me enjoy this work so much more than I already do. Although I knew Jenna was the right one to partner with from the beginning, my respect and admiration for her continue to grow.”

Scott Rigsby, Unthinkable: The True Story About the First Double-Amputee to Complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon (Tyndale House)

“I know in my heart that God hand picked you to help write His story and the role that I played in it. You did an amazing job. I could not have done it without you. I treasure the time we spent together. I am so blessed to have worked with you, but even more blessed to have made a friend in you for life.”

Susan Markowitz, My Stolen Son (Berkley/Penguin)

“Jenna has given me a new-found hope on life. The story I needed to share with the world needed a lot of work! I knew she was perfect from the first telephone conversation. After many talks and e-mails, we finally met in person. I appreciated her professionalism to stay on task throughout my stay, which could not have been so easy with me. My story is my lifeline; without it I would be lost. I will never be able to thank her enough for helping me to help others. I never realized what it took to become the successful author that she is. What touches my heart the most is to witness the wonderful mom she is to her little girl. I am proud and honored to call Jenna my friend.”

Joe Vitale, Bestselling author and one of the stars of The Secret

“I LOVE working with Jenna! She listens attentively, writes clearly and quickly, and is a joy to be with. She gets my highest recommendation.”


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