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Some of the people I’ve worked with (or am working with now), in alphabetical order:

  • Daniel Barrett
    Musician, coach, and author of The Remembering Process.
  • Diem Brown
    Two-time cancer survivor, entertainment reporter, and frequent contestant on MTV’s The Challenge. Founder of MedGift.
  • Justin Daniels
    Owner of Clarity Way rehab center in Pennsylvania, author of No More Vodka in My Orange Juice.
  • Barry Dennis
    Inspirational speaker, musician, creator of Coexist Celebration and Celebration Church. Author of The Chotchky Challenge.
  • Celine Dion
    Best-selling female artist of all time.
  • Dr. Joel Haber
    “The Bully Coach” and child psychologist. Author of Bullyproof Your Child for Life.
  • Kayla Harrison
    First American to receive an Olympic gold medal in judo.
  • Maja Kazazic
    After being critically injured in the Bosnian war, 16-year-old Maja made it to the United States and rebuilt her life.
  • Monika Korra
    Survivor of kidnapping and gang rape, training for the 2016 Olympics in track.
  • Susan Markowitz
    Mother of Nick Markowitz, whose son’s death was the basis of the movie Alpha Dog. Author of My Stolen Son.
  • Eric Rees
    Former pastor at Saddleback Church, author of S.H.A.P.E., Only You Can Be You, and the upcoming Never Ever Give Up. Chief Encouragement Officer of the Jessie Rees Foundation.
  • Scott Rigsby
    First double-amputee to finish the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon, author of Unthinkable.
  • Daniel Steven
    Publishing and media attorney. Co-author of The Street-Smart Writer.
  • Joe Vitale
    One of the stars of The Secret, self-help speaker about the Law of Attraction, author of numerous books about marketing and self-help.

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