Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer

Worker Tells Boss to Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine!  
Goes Home, Decides to Write.
Makes More Money Than Ever Before!
Neighbors stunned!
Old boss jealous!

Picture this: You’re walking through the cashier’s line at your local grocery store, just about to leave with another wagon-load full of food. 

You glance over at the register to pay and a slick magazine cover catches your eye.

You pick up the magazine (it’s one of your favorites), and whaddya know?  It turns out the article you wrote a few months ago is published in this issue — and you proudly show your by-line to the girl at the register as you purchase the last three copies of the magazine on the stand.  Maybe you’ll give one of those copies to your ex-boss.

You can afford to do that, of course, because you got paid for that article months ago.  In fact, you got paid almost $2000 for that article. 

It’s finally happening. 

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is now starting to become your reality: You have a nice little collection of your published articles over on your coffee table, and you’re actually starting to earn a comfortable living sitting at home in front of your computer, writing away (with the radio softly playing in the background, and while wearing your favorite cozy bunny-slippers).

What’s this all about?

Here’s the deal:

My name is Jenna Glatzer and that’s the life I live.  I haven’t punched a clock, had to jump-start my car at 7 a.m., or had to suck up to a boss in seven years.  I write for magazines, and I get paid well to do it.  

Oh, I had heard the rumors, too — you can’t make money as a writer.  You have to be Stephen King to make a living at it.  Turns out those rumors were a bunch of baloney.  

I’m no Stephen King.  I’m just a person who likes to write, and if I can make a living at this, so can you.

So many people have asked me for advice about how they could get the kinds of assignments I get (for magazines like Woman’s World,PreventionWomen’s Health & Fitness, and Writer’s Digest) that I thought it was about time to share the wealth.  Here, for the first time, I’m letting you in on every secret I’ve learned along the way so you can pay off your bills by writing articles for magazines, too.

My hot-off-the-presses paperback book is calledMake a Real Living as a Freelance Writer, and it teaches, step by step, how you can earn top dollars writing for magazines.  No fluff.  No magic bullets. I’m not telling you that you’ll make a million dollars by this time next month.  I’m telling you that if you follow the steps outlined in this book, and you have the ability to write clearly, you will be able to pay your mortgage or rent, along with all your other bills, solely through your writing.

Oh, and in case you’re about to start scrolling to figure out what astronomical sum of money I’m asking for this information, I’ll spill the beans.  It’s all yours for less than $14.  There.  Now you can keep reading.  Or just click here to get straight to ordering info.

You will learn:

* Secrets about what the high-paying magazines really want— straight from the editors’ mouths

Which magazines pay the best: Surprise! Many of them have names you’ve never heard of and will never see on a newsstand.

* How to build relationships with editors so you’ll get hired again and again

* What kinds of articles are in demand and the two types of stories that can get you assignments– even if you have no substantial credits

* What to do if a deadbeat publisher doesn’t pay up

* Which kinds of markets are likely to buy reprints so you can earn extra money on articles you’ve already sold

* How to make yourself an expert in your chosen writing fields

* The five phrases you can use to get paid more and faster, and retain the rights to your work

* How to ferret out editors’ e-mail addresses even when they’re not publicized

…and more!

We start with the basics– defining terms like query letterclips, andsource sheets—  but the book moves swiftly and takes you all the way from coming up with an idea to getting your name on the mastheads of major magazines. 

Yep! That’s what I’ve been waiting for. How do I order? (Click me.)

But, Jenna, why would I need this book about freelance writing? 

Good question.  Yes, I know there are other books about freelance writing out there.  Some of them are good.  Some of them aren’t.  

THIS book, however, came out of my desire to debunk the bad advice I’ve seen in other books and articles, mostly from well-intentioned writers who aren’t very experienced.  Sometimes from editors who had edited at only one magazine and had no idea how other editors worked.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that a query letter must be one page, no more and no less.  (Bull.  I’ll show you my sample query letters, one of which was two pages and earned me $4000.)  Or that you have no chance of landing a writing assignment with a national magazine until you have credits from lots of smaller publications.  (My first article was for a national magazine.)  Or that you should never give up all rights.  (There are times when it’ll be lucrative for you to do so.)  Or that you should pay attention to writers’ guidelines to figure out whether an editor wants queries by mail or e-mail.  (Forget it.  Melissa Walker, senior editor at ELLEgirl, says “Even if they say snail mail, pitch them via e-mail… Snail mail piles up– and gets rejected by editorial assistants.”)

I also wanted to tell the truth about things I’d never seen any other writer address in a book like this: When pitching a profile of an outstanding woman to national women’s magazines, you have to consider what she looks like.  Even if she’s found the cure for cancer, if she’s overweight, many women’s mags won’t buy your article.  Yes, I’m serious.  

Which magazines will make up or alter a source’s quotations, and which ones actually care about fact-checking?  And what if your best clips are all five years old?  Stephanie Abarbanel at Woman’s Day says don’t include them– she’ll think no one’s hired you since then.  Do editors call each other to find out if a writer is any good?  Chandra Czape (now atCosmoGirl!) says “absolutely,” and it could kill your chances of working for her if another editor says you were a pain to deal with.  And what’s theone thing you should never include in your query letter if you want to make sure your article idea isn’t stolen and given to a staff writer?  I’ll tell you in the book so you don’t have to learn the hard way (like I did!).

For less than $14 (plus shipping), you will learn everything I wish I had known when I started freelancing.  

Okay! Hurry up and get to the part about how I can order! (Click me.)

What People Say About This Book

“It should be called ‘Everything They Didn’t Teach You in J School.’ A must-read for any freelancer wanting to break into the business and stay there.”
—Colleen Oakley, Editor, Women’s Health & Fitness magazine

“Covers everything novice and experienced writers need to know to succeed at freelancing. Jenna’s conversational and comprehensive book gives the inside scoop on how to build a SOLID career that pays off emotionally and financially.”
—Sheri’ McConnell, Founder & President of the National Assn. of Women Writers

“Jenna Glatzer, the great guru of all things freelancing, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to writing, marketing and selling. If you’re freelancing or considering jumping into the freelancing marketplace, she should be your go-to-gal – before you send out your first query letter!”
—Julia Rosien, Senior Editor, ePregnancy magazine

“Few titles deliver on what they promise, and few authors have enough knowledge, experience, and know-how to live up to the title Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer. But with ‘been there, done that’ advice and an easy charm that is often laugh out loud funny, author Jenna Glatzer manages to do both.”
—Rusty Fischer, Author of Grass Roots Book Promotion

“Jenna Glatzer’s guide to freelance writing has all of the elements of a great article — anecdotes, how-to strategies, stats, resources, and more. As an editor, I can truly say that the book shows what publications are looking for in a writer.”
—Dawn Papandrea, Managing Editor, College Bound magazine

“If you want to crack top markets and put an end to the stream of rejection letters, read Glatzer’s book today. Even if you’re already cashing lots of checks from publishers, you can forget all those other writing books on your shelves: Glatzer’s fresh, timely advice will launch your career to a new level of success.”
—Diana Burrell, Co-author, The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success

“I adore this book! I spent the evening working on a query for Family Circle and quit counting the number of times I referenced it. It’s clear, uniquely informative, and just plain useful! Wish more people could write with such plain common sense like Jenna Glatzer does. Make a Real Living as Freelance Writer has taken me to a new level in my queries and research, plus I’m highly recommending it to my FundsforWriters readers. Jenna, I love your style!”
—C. Hope Clark, Editor, 

“Unlike other writing books, she doesn’t just give pat answers and simple guidelines. Ms. Glatzer takes great care to explain in detail what to do. For instance, in her section on writing excellent query letters, she gives sample winning query letters and things not to say to an editor.”
Jessica Butler, Reviewer, 

About the Author

Jenna Glatzer is an award-winning full-time writer who’s written hundreds of articles for magazines and online publications such as Prevention,Woman’s WorldWoman’s OwnPhysical,Women’s Health & Fitness,,ePregnancy, and AOL.  She’s also a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest and Contemporary Bride and a columnist for and  She is the editor-in-chief of, a produced playwright, optioned screenwriter, and author of hundreds of greeting cards.  Her latest books include Celine Dion’s authorized biography For KeepsOutwitting Writer’s Block, and children’s picture book Hattie, Get a Haircut. People like her books—they really, really do.  Buy her books and you will instantly be transmogrified into a famous author, bordering on icon status, and your sex appeal will skyrocket.*

*The previous statement was a lie.  But if you buy her books, she’ll give you a big cyber-smoochie.  

She is also an instructor at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Peek inside Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer here.

So how do I get this book?

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Book Details: 

Publisher: Nomad Press
Release date: April, 2004
ISBN: 097220265x
Size: 7 x 10
224 pages

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