Hattie, Get a Haircut

Hattie, Get a Haircut!
By Jenna Glatzer
Illustrated by Monica Kendall

Mom says it’s time for Hattie to get a haircut, but Hattie refuses, declaring that she will “never, no way, not at all” let anyone cut her hair. She falls asleep wishing that her hair never stops growing– but soon regrets her wish! Her hair grows so long that kids jump rope with it and birds nest in it.

When she wakes up, she not only changes her mind about getting her hair cut, but she finds out that she can do a good deed in the process by donating her hair to Locks of Love.

Lyrically written and whimsically illustrated in full color, Hattie, Get a Haircut! is sure to delight children and parents alike.

Is your child afraid to get a haircut? Let Hattie help your child get past the fear and into the hairdresser’s chair.



“Here is a story book that children will plead to be read over and over… The tale is beautifully illustrated in vivid colors. Keep an eye on Hattie’s teddy bear. Your child will enjoy watching the bear’s face mimic Hattie’s. Kids will love seeing animals do things with Hattie’s long tresses, such as the bird building a nest in it. This book is also perfect to help children build their reading skills. Simple words, easy to read, and amusing to all readers. Highly recommended!”
–Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

“The illustrations are upbeat and fun; the text is whimsical, humorous, and kid-friendly.  Locks of Love will have to hire several mail-openers to collect all the locks they’ll receive after Hattie hits the shelves!”
Linda Oatman High, author of books for children and teens, including City of Snow: The Great Blizzard of 1888

“Not only is Hattie Gets A Haircut by Jenna Glatzer the perfect book for a child who doesn’t like to sit still for the barber as one might guess, but it is also a delightful poem touched with humor and a lovely little lesson in giving.”
Carolyn Howard Johnson, author of This is the Place and reviewer for
Preschool Entertainment

Click here for an interview with Jenna about the book

About the Author

Jenna Glatzer is an award-winning full-time writer in New York who’s written hundreds of articles for magazines and online publications such as PreventionWoman’s World,Woman’s OwnPhysicalWomen’s Health & Fitness, Salon.com, ePregnancy, and AOL.  She’s also a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest.  She is the editor-in-chief of AbsoluteWrite.com, a produced playwright, optioned screenwriter, and author of hundreds of greeting cards.  Her latest books include The Street-Smart Writer (Nomad Press, 2005) and Fear is No Longer My Reality (McGraw-Hill, 2004), co-written with Jamie Blyth of The Bachelorette. Her next book is Celine Dion’s authorized biography. She is also an instructor at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

About the Artist

Monica Kendall, an award-winninganimator with Calabash Animation(Keebler Elves, Trix the Rabbit, Lucky Charms Leprechauns, California Raisins, just to name a few), has been drawing livelycharacters since she was seven. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, she has created and produced many animated shorts,including music videos (Billy Joel) and animated films (How the Elephant Got Its Trunk). Monica lives outside Chicago with her husband and fellow animator, Ed Newmann, and their daughter Natalie.

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Book Details: 

Publisher: Moo Press
Release date: November, 2005
ISBN: 0972485309
Hardcover/Library Binding 8 x 9
Pages: 32, full color
Price: $19.95

Jenna is available for interviews (radio, print, Internet, or TV), school appearances, and camp appearances.

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